Belt Out Your Favorite Tunes At Our Bar

Belt Out Your Favorite Tunes At Our Bar

Join us anytime for karaoke night

Whether you're a songbird in hiding or someone who's filled up on liquid courage, you'll enjoy singing your favorite tunes at The Zoos. We have all kinds of songs queued up and ready for you to sing. If you're new to karaoke, we'll give you a pin to commemorate your first time.

We have karaoke three nights a week, so don't get upset if you miss one! Call 580-581-1771 now to learn more about our song selection.

A few house rules for karaoke

Like with any establishment, we have a few ground rules here at The Zoos. When you visit us for karaoke night, be sure to:

  • Welcome karaoke virgins warmly. We're all family here, so we should treat each other nicely. Plus, if you're mean to a rookie, we might make you sing next!
  • Remember that no one cares what you sound like. They'll probably be too busy singing along with you to pay attention to anything else!
  • Have fun. We don't really have karaoke rules here at The Zoos, but you should still follow these suggestions to have a great time.
Come sing along to your favorite artist. Visit our bar today to enjoy a fun night of karaoke.